immersive audio workouts

your time, your space. no screen required.

grab your headphones

head to the bike, treadmill or rowing machine and plug yourself into one of our inspiring guided audio workouts.

cardio based workouts

music changes according to intensity/rest periods and allows BPM-sync cadence work. improve your overall cardiovascular health and wellbeing.

no need to plan ahead

just bring headphones, water bottle and towel and prepare to sweat. our workout programs can be accessed in a non-linear fashion.

fully searchable

you can filter workouts by rate of perceived effort, duration, intensity, music choices, instructor and more

run, row or ride

we have on demand audio workouts for your favourite cardio activity: running, riding, as well as rowing, either inside or outside

get value out of your gym subscription —
leverage your condo or hotel equimpent

start using cardiofiit today

our workouts

Custom-curated, synced to music and led by our experienced instructors. Cardiofit workouts take the stress and planning out of your fitness - just select your workout, hit play and start sweating!

cycling workouts

at home, at the gym or at
your hotel while travelling.

running workouts

adjust the intensity and grade
as your instructor guides you.

rowing workouts

it’s super easy to waste time on an
erg if you’re not sure what to do,
so let us guide you.
The energy brought in the on demand audio classes is indescribable. Great music, great workout, great people – what more could you want.
OLIVIA homewood
I've done recorded sessions by Julia, Damien and Adam thus far and honestly loving them. Never have I sweated so much in a spin class as I do with these guys.
The beauty of training at home is I can train anytime to suit my own schedule. The music and instruction are as good as the studio session. Loved the different variety of sessions which focus on many different aspects.

our instructors

The best thing about our instructors (apart from their years of experience and dedication to helping others) is that they are heaps of fun to hang out with. Adam will have you laughing, Billy will push you to your limits, Julia will get you dancing on the pedals and triathlete Tim will get you running faster than ever before. 
Julia Arnold

Julia Arnold

Quality time on the bike… Is there anything better?

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